Introducing AMPLE: Another MySQL PHP Light Edition Database Scaffolder

Welcome to Step41’s AMPLE Scaffolder web site and host to the AMPLE Scaffolder application and related content. AMPLE Scaffolder is an open source web-based MySQL database utility written specifically for PHP environments. Developed by Jeff Todnem at Step41 Software, AMPLE Scaffolder (formerly known as MBG Scaffolder) was specially designed to enable quick and easy record creation, retrieval, update and deletion (CRUD) within any MySQL database (version 5.0 or later). AMPLE Scaffolder exists in a single-file format less than 250 kilobytes in size, and is ready to use right “out of the box”. And when we say it’s light weight, we mean zero external configuration files required, zero database exports required, and zero coding experience required. Now that’s low-calorie!

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In a nutshell, Step41′s AMPLE Scaffolder was designed to allow database developers to more easily manipulate MySQL table data without the use of magical incantations. Built entirely on PHP (with Javascript for extra flavor), AMPLE Scaffolder assists developers by generating human-readable and selectable values instead of the traditionally-seen numerical record ids. Using auto-generated drop lists, developers can now select easy-to-read, pre-validated options for any referential tables, as well as any enum, set, boolean or csv field types. And those are just a few of the surface features. Check out a more comprehensive features list for more details. For those of you who are new to the AMPLE Scaffolder application, we’ve set up a live demo to allow you to test some of the application’s current capabilities. Use the credentials immediately below to log into the demo web site. Keep in mind that some functionality has been disabled for security reasons.

  • Server …………amplescaffolder
  • Username ……amplescaffolder
  • Password …….amplescaffolder
  • Lookup Flag …amplescaffolder


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AMPLE Scaffolder Version 2.2.2 Released

Have you heard? We’re spreading the word. And the word is… AMPLE Scaffolder version 2.2.2. Okay, that’s several words and some numbers, we know. But we’re easily excited and confused!

As 2014 was admittedly lacking in updates, and we’re now nearing March of 2015, we figured it was high time we brought you an update. The latest release of AMPLE Scaffolder, version 2.2.2, is now available for download. While this latest version may lack the punch of prior releases, it has received a general performance tune-up, fixing a few minor bugs in the process. One of the more prominent issues involved CSV field types. For those of you who utilize the CSV field type, we discovered that the automatic joining was failing when we attempting to join a table back to itself. This problem only occurred with CSV field types and in no way affected tables joined using foreign key assignment. The good news is that this problem has now been fixed. Hooray!

For those of you who are new to AMPLE Scaffolder, here’s a quick teaser video to get your blood pumping. The latest version of AMPLE Database Scaffolder offers a host of options beyond those of many standard CRUD applications. From bulk insert of random, type-specific records, to built-in client-side and server-side validation and auto-joining of lookup tables. The AMPLE Database Scaffolder recipe cooks a vast number of capabilities into a web-based, open source app that virtually anyone can use.


Since this release is relatively minor in nature, there’s really not much else to say. So we decided it might be a good time to hear from you, the end user. Whether you’re a hard-core developer, or just a casual Sunday user, we are keenly interested in hearing your feedback. We are nearing 5000 downloads, and while that number may seem paltry to some, we are quite pleased with it. And we hope you are too. But what about all those folks who have yet to discover the jaw-dropping, earth-shattering force that is AMPLE Scaffolder? Feel free to share your tales. We’d love to hear from you.

Perhaps you’d like to tell us the story about how you accidentally melted AMPLE Scaffolder into your cheese sandwich during your coffee break last week1? Or you could talk about the other day in the park when you laughed so hard you had AMPLE Scaffolder coming out your nose2. Or how about last May, when you sought shelter in your AMPLE Scaffolder during that Category 12 hurricane3? All true stories folks, or so I’m told4. So please, let us know what you think of AMPLE Scaffolder, good, bad, or otherwise. When a product has this much love to give, it needs lots and lots of hugs. Please find it in your heart to help the hugless.

Download the latest hug-filled sample of AMPLE Scaffolder

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1 – AMPLE Scaffolder products should never be used or stored near hot surfaces or flammable products.
2 – AMPLE Scaffolder products are not approved for ingestion. Consult your local physician immediately if this occurs.
3 – AMPLE Scaffolder products are only designed to withstand storms of Category -3 and below.
4 – AMPLE Scaffolder testimonial tales are prone to exaggeration, if not complete fabrication.

What people think of AMPLE Scaffolder

Like an undiscovered cave in the wild, AMPLE Scaffolder often surprises new users with its unexpected depth – it’s definitely worth exploring.

Just another shining example of Step41′s ingenuity, the AMPLE Database Scaffolder utility balances a host of high-end features on the proverbial head of a pin, compiling a multitude of useful developer options into a single flat file less than 200 kilobytes in size.

There’s no doubt about it, if you are a PHP developer that uses MySQL for data storage, Step41′s AMPLE Database Scaffolder utility is a must-have tool for your developer tool belt!

Peel back the layers on this humble little app and you soon discover a master craftsman hidden beneath a modest outward appearance. AMPLE Scaffolder has saved our developers countless hours with its easy-to-use and plentiful feature set.

About the Author

Jeff Todnem has spent a good portion of his career building and supporting technical hardware or software projects. As an avid enthusiast for all things code, Jeff has spent over a decade in the field of web design and application and database development. His server-side experience includes traditional ASP, Coldfusion, PHP and some C# using either Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL Server to drive applications behind the scenes. Although server-side programming occupies much of his time, Jeff is no less obsessed with client-side design, incorporating Javascript and CSS technologies into many of his latest projects. A vocal advocate for open source software, Jeff's current focus is on developing a variety of PHP and Javascript packages that can be used within the open source community.