AMPLE Scaffolder 2.0.9 Released

UPDATE: The software package formerly known as MBG Scaffolder has now been officially renamed to “AMPLE Scaffolder”.

This is just a quick update to let everyone know that a new version of AMPLE Scaffolder is available for download. There are no major feature updates in this release, but there were a few languishing bugs that I felt the need to address. Some of the changes included:

End Users:

  • Datetime fields no longer auto-populate with today’s date if set to allow nulls in the database
  • Datetime fields that do not allow nulls will still auto-populate with existing data or today’s date
  • Datetime fields that do not allow nulls will require a valid date prior to form submission
  • Calendar pop-up for datetime fields now has a “clear” button so that existing dates can be removed from a field
  • Empty datetime fields that allow nulls will automatically insert a null in that field when the form is submitted
  • Read-only table parameter is now set to blank in downloadable version.
  • Prior versions contained multiple table names that may have resulted in access denied errors if local table names were the same.

Developers Only:

  • Updated build file to include help documentation and procedural guidance.
  • Updated call status file so end users will be properly notified when a new release is available.
  • Moved the features list, blocked files list and general help docs from flat files into database for speedier retrieval during builds.
  • Compiled multiple classes into a single bundled class file to help reduce file count and locate individual classes more quickly.
  • Began work on minimized code base for release that just contains just the bare essential PHP classes with no HTML added.
  • Added a function to maxify existing minified releases if end users need to make changes (not yet released).

Well that’s about it for now. Check out the latest version here. As always, please let me know if you notice any new bugs or problems with the code.

Happy CRUDding!

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