AMPLE Scaffolder Another MySQL PHP Light Edition Database Scaffolder Wed, 25 Feb 2015 21:53:23 +0000 en-US hourly 1 AMPLE Scaffolder Version 2.2.2 Released Tue, 24 Feb 2015 10:51:38 +0000 Have you heard? We’re spreading the word. And the word is… AMPLE Scaffolder version 2.2.2. Okay, that’s several words and some numbers, we know. But we’re easily excited and confused!

As 2014 was admittedly lacking in updates, and we’re now nearing March of 2015, we figured it was high time we brought you an update. The latest release of AMPLE Scaffolder, version 2.2.2, is now available for download. While this latest version may lack the punch of prior releases, it has received a general performance tune-up, fixing a few minor bugs in the process. One of the more prominent issues involved CSV field types. For those of you who utilize the CSV field type, we discovered that the automatic joining was failing when we attempting to join a table back to itself. This problem only occurred with CSV field types and in no way affected tables joined using foreign key assignment. The good news is that this problem has now been fixed. Hooray!

For those of you who are new to AMPLE Scaffolder, here’s a quick teaser video to get your blood pumping. The latest version of AMPLE Database Scaffolder offers a host of options beyond those of many standard CRUD applications. From bulk insert of random, type-specific records, to built-in client-side and server-side validation and auto-joining of lookup tables. The AMPLE Database Scaffolder recipe cooks a vast number of capabilities into a web-based, open source app that virtually anyone can use.


Since this release is relatively minor in nature, there’s really not much else to say. So we decided it might be a good time to hear from you, the end user. Whether you’re a hard-core developer, or just a casual Sunday user, we are keenly interested in hearing your feedback. We are nearing 5000 downloads, and while that number may seem paltry to some, we are quite pleased with it. And we hope you are too. But what about all those folks who have yet to discover the jaw-dropping, earth-shattering force that is AMPLE Scaffolder? Feel free to share your tales. We’d love to hear from you.

Perhaps you’d like to tell us the story about how you accidentally melted AMPLE Scaffolder into your cheese sandwich during your coffee break last week1? Or you could talk about the other day in the park when you laughed so hard you had AMPLE Scaffolder coming out your nose2. Or how about last May, when you sought shelter in your AMPLE Scaffolder during that Category 12 hurricane3? All true stories folks, or so I’m told4. So please, let us know what you think of AMPLE Scaffolder, good, bad, or otherwise. When a product has this much love to give, it needs lots and lots of hugs. Please find it in your heart to help the hugless.

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Share your latest heroic tale involving AMPLE Scaffolder

1 – AMPLE Scaffolder products should never be used or stored near hot surfaces or flammable products.
2 – AMPLE Scaffolder products are not approved for ingestion. Consult your local physician immediately if this occurs.
3 – AMPLE Scaffolder products are only designed to withstand storms of Category -3 and below.
4 – AMPLE Scaffolder testimonial tales are prone to exaggeration, if not complete fabrication.

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AMPLE Scaffolder Version 2.2.0 Includes New Built-In Rules Editor Fri, 24 May 2013 21:40:55 +0000 With the recent 2.1.9 release of AMPLE Scaffolder under our belts, we decided to take a short breather to review the current state of the application. We originally designed AMPLE Scaffolder to work with nearly any MySQL database right out of the box. And with only a few exceptions, it has fulfilled this requirement without issues. But what about the more advanced features? We decided to take a look at our current implementation of the advanced options and we discovered a rather glaring flaw in our design. The majority of our advanced features utilize what are known as “rules” or “flags” that are added to the Comment field within the properties of a table in the database. This system of rules makes it very easy to enable any of the advanced options available because it’s a simple matter of adding a short string of text to a field in the database. How hard can that be? Well, since the previous iterations of AMPLE Scaffolder had no way of actually accessing this area of the database, I guess you could answer with, “Quite impossible, actually.”

That’s not to say it was impossible to make the changes required, only that it was not possible using older versions of the AMPLE Scaffolder software. Our previous expectations were that the typical customer would have access to 3rd party utilities such as PHPMyAdmin or SQLYog. By using these applications, they could simply make the changes required to support AMPLE Scaffolder’s advanced capabilities. In hindsight, we have realized that such thinking is quite outlandish as it’s somewhat analogous to selling an expensive car with all the bells and whistles but expecting the customer to already have their own key to get it started. Okay, so maybe were not so good with analogies, but hopefully you get the idea. And so we set about forming a plan to fix this particular dependency in hopes of eliminating the need for 3rd party software in future releases. Well, guess what? Version 2.2.0 of the AMPLE Scaffolder package now includes a built-in Rules Editor that allows you to directly add, modify and remove any rules you want, directly through the application. No more 3rd party software requirements! Woohoo!

Figure 1.1 – The all new AMPLE Scaffolder Rules Editor
The all new AMPLE Scaffolder Rules Editor

An already solid product, this latest release of AMPLE Scaffolder pushes the bar that much higher and makes it easier than ever to take full advantage of advanced features. Among the many options available, AMPLE Scaffolder now supports the automatic joining of lookup tables, Enum, Set, and Boolean field types, allows for uploading and attaching multiple files to a single table record, comes with a built-in image thumbnail generator, and provides the ability to join any table field containing comma separated values back to a secondary lookup table for unique id resolution. For those who stray away from hard-core normalization in their database designs, this last feature alone makes AMPLE Scaffolder well worth the time it takes to download!  Having taken the time to build in these advanced options, we’d really like to see the end user take full advantage of these features. So adding the ability to directly edit rules seemed like a no-brainer.

In addition to the normal bug fixes and a brand new Rules Editor, version 2.2.0 of AMPLE Scaffolder also contains some minor tweaks to the user interface (UI). A new “About” tab has now been added to the tabbed portion of the UI. This new tab provides information on the version number and release date of the current application. It also includes several product-related links for obtaining the latest version as well as a contact link if you have any unanswered questions or product suggestions. Our site-based support page is also linked giving you direct access to our extensive documentation, tutorials, and more. We’ve also replaced the somewhat buggy record row resizing functionality with a brand new “Toggle” button. This button resides to the right of the “Delete” button on the left-hand side of each record. You can now easily expand or contract an individual record to view the full contents within by clicking this button.

I think that about sums up what’s new in version 2.2.0 of the AMPLE Scaffolder package. As always, if you notice any glaring issues or undiscovered bugs, please let us know. You can head to our download page directly to get the latest version. We really hope you like these latest changes and that they make it that much easier to get the software up and running successfully. If you have any recommendations or requests for new features to include, please don’t hesitate to mention them. And thanks again for your interest in the AMPLE Scaffolder software!

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AMPLE Scaffolder Version 2.1.9 – Now Featuring Configuration Overrides Wed, 22 May 2013 05:00:30 +0000 Just like butter… we’re on a roll!

Okay, so terrible puns aside, we’ve been burning the candle at both ends in order to bring you the latest updates with lightning speed. With the AMPLE Scaffolder web site up and running in full swing now, we’re concentrating all our efforts on making sure the product provided is in peak physical condition. Ultimately, that means more extensive testing to put the software through its paces. In the process of recent and rigorous activity, we discovered a few more underlying bugs with some of the internal operations and promptly went to work fixing them. The following list outlines the more prominent bugs that were fixed in this release:

  • When we converted to support field linking of CSV field types, we failed to notice that the Export process displayed both unique Ids and text data from the same table. This has now been fixed.
  • Previous versions allowed both unique Ids and lookup values to be visible when disabling the option for either CSV auto-join OR lookup table join. This has now been fixed.
  • Clicking on the Bulk Insert button without selecting number of records would result in a form submit. Bulk Insert submissions now require a selection from the number of records drop list.
  • Removed the Bulk Insert enable/disable option on File field types as these fields do not support or require Bulk Inserted data. File fields are now disabled by default during all Bulk Insert actions.
  • Posting the main form after clearing SQL Where Clause fields would repopulate the operators drop list. This has now been fixed so that the field remains blank if adjacent fields are also empty.
  • CSV field type string values were not always reflecting the correct unique id behind the scenes. This bug was addressed by ordering the string values to match that of the unique ids.
  • Values passed into multiple item select lists were not always passed as an array causing an error. Values can now be passed to the form field build function as either a CSV string or an array.

So now that those pesky bugs are out of the way, we’d like to invite you to take a look at your latest AMPLE Scaffolder download file. If you look closely, you’ll notice a new member now in residence. This extra file is part of our latest list of new features. The options within this file allow web or database administrators to override the default parameters of the AMPLE Scaffolder application. Any settings applied within this file will automatically disable the default form fields and permanently assign any values specified in this file as the new default. This is especially critical when considering options like blocking the upload of dangerous file types or the end users’ ability to overwrite existing files on the web server. With the new configuration override feature, administrators no longer have to worry about end users accidentally or intentionally wreaking havoc on the back-end server systems. For those interested in a sneak peek, the new configuration options are as follows:

A few things to note… the configuration file is currently named “amplescaffolder_config.php” and should be placed in the same web directory as the “index.php” file that is included within the downloaded .zip file. We’ve populated this new configuration file with lots of comments to make it easier to change the options you need based on your individual security requirements. However, there is one caveat to using this new configuration file. The security settings are dependent on file system permissions being appropriately locked down for both of these files. It should go without saying that if the end users have the ability to modify either of these files, they can simply update the back-end code to bypass these overrides. So we recommend placing these files into a directory where the end users’ permissions are limited to read and execute for each of these files.

Version 2.1.9 of AMPLE Scaffolder includes a number of bux fixes as well as improvements to how the interface behaves. The help documentation for AMPLE Scaffolder received an overhaul as well to ensure the docs are keeping up with the current feature list. This latest release has also been officially renamed in all capacities to finalize the transition from MGB Scaffolder to the new title of AMPLE. So the download file itself, along with the internal files are now named more appropriately. If you’re chomping at the bit to get your hands on these new options, we certainly can’t blame you. You can download the latest version here. Lastly, if you notice any particular issues in this latest release that have not been addressed already, please bring it to our attention and we’ll do our best to resolve it as soon as we can.

Download AMPLE Scaffolder – Now Bundled with Space Coasters and Candy Combs!

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AMPLE Scaffolder Update – Version 2.1.8 Now Available Sun, 19 May 2013 06:51:32 +0000 Wow, how the time flies. It’s been more than five months since the last release of AMPLE Scaffolder. During that time we had a major relocation of the company and have been quite busy standing up some exciting new projects, to include a brand new residence for the AMPLE Scaffolder software. But now that we’re all moved in, we thought it was high time that we addressed a few of the minor bugs that have been lingering about since the last release.  In addition to bug fixes, we’ve also added a few new features in this latest package. If you’re at all curious, you can read on for more details, or you can skip directly to the download link.

Bug Fixes:

  • If you attempted to select specific fields under the SQL query generator, the field list would disappear upon update. This was an unexpected result of a change made to support new features in the previous release. The issue has now been addressed and fixed.
  • Directory paths in the previous release were reliant on the current upload directory path specified under the Files tab. This was an oversight that resulted in files not being properly removed from the file system if the path was different from what was listed in the database. So absolute and relative path support has now been added to allow all existing files to be removed regardless of the current upload directory specification. All existing file directory paths are now retrieved from the database on a per file basis.


  • The software update status check path was still pointing to the old resource used for MBG Scaffolder. This has been updated to its new location.
  • Minor updates were made to the help documentation to outline the new features below as well as general corrections based on dated information.

New Features:

  • All uploaded files are now linked allowing users to preview or download any existing files that were attached to a record within a table.
  • Images that are uploaded are now available as a thumbnails allowing users to actually see and confirm the image that was uploaded.
  • Images are also linked so you can view or download the original image.

Coming Soon:

  • Previous versions of AMPLE Scaffolder will soon be available in case you discover compatibility issues or bugs within the latest release.
  • We’re considering making beta builds available too. But that will most likely depend on the level of demand for new features, fixes, etc.

As always, let us know if you have any questions, comments, feature requests, or notice any glaring undiscovered bugs in this latest release. Well, what are you waiting for?

Get the latest AMPLE Scaffolder Package

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AMPLE Scaffolder Version 2.1.6 Released Tue, 01 Jan 2013 01:45:45 +0000 Well folks, it’s been a bit since the last major update went out for our Scaffolder utility. This version marks the first official transition into adulthood for the software, having gained an official name for this and future releases. The product formerly known as MBG Scaffolder has now been officially renamed to “AMPLE Scaffolder” and has officially moved out from under the MBG roof to its very own domain. Oh they grow up so quickly (*sniff,sniff*). This latest version should remove any PHP NOTICE messages for those of you who run error checking on “full auto”. We aim to please and the nagging notices were a bit much to deal with. So while AMPLE Scaffolder is now all grown up and moved out of the parents’ place, it’s leaving some of its unwanted baggage back at the house. Support for “IS NULL” and “IS NOT NULL” was added in this release, under the SQL Where Clause generator. And a newly-applied (and quite stylish we might add) color scheme has been applied to this latest version, transitioning from monochromatic to a new “Huey Blue”. Future releases may come with differing color schemes to distinguish between versions but the jury’s still out on that one. Lastly, there were a few minor bugs that cropped up as a result of these latest changes which should now be fixed. Please let us know if not.

“This product sounds wonderful and mysterious. Where can I go to obtain such a dreamy piece of software?”

Why, I’m so glad you asked. You can get it here.

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AMPLE Scaffolder Version 2.1.3 Released Fri, 23 Sep 2011 00:19:33 +0000 UPDATE: The software package formerly known as MBG Scaffolder has now been officially renamed to “AMPLE Scaffolder”.

It’s been a few months since the last release of AMPLE Scaffolder as I’ve had other ongoing projects and distractions. There have been several more updates behind the scenes in this latest release to include a few bug fixes as well. One of the biggest additions to the 2.1.3 release is that internal linking between tables is now supported. This means that a record id that references a value from a separate look-up table will now show up as a link if auto-joining is enabled. This allows you to easily jump into a reference record to make changes if required. The addition of this feature caused a temporary sorting bug that has also now been fixed in this version. As usual, you can download the latest release using the link below.

Download the latest release here!

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AMPLE Scaffolder 2.1.0 Now Available Sat, 27 Nov 2010 00:58:16 +0000 UPDATE: The software package formerly known as MBG Scaffolder has now been officially renamed to “AMPLE Scaffolder”.

Even though the last release was less than a week ago, I’ve been using AMPLE Scaffolder recently on another project and I discovered a few things that were lacking. The Insert Plus feature allows users to duplicate data from a record insertion and use that data to repopulate a new set of form fields. This is a very handy feature if you want to insert multiple records where the majority of the fields have the same value. But I recently found that this wasn’t enough.

My current project had me wanting the option to duplicate data for an existing record (vs. a new record). So the 2.1.0 release now includes a Record Duplication feature that makes this possible. Just click the pencil icon to modify the record you wish to duplicate and click the “copy” button at the bottom of the form. This will automatically generate a new record creation form with all the fields pre-populated with the previous record’s data.

There were also a few minor bugs that I discovered from several releases ago that have now been fixed in this latest release.

  • Fixed a bug where users were returned to page one of the results, regardless of where the original record was listed (page two or higher)
  • Fixed a bug that wouldn’t allow users to deselect all options under Advanced > SQL Field Select in order to show all fields again
  • Fixed a bug where multi-select form fields were not pre-populated after an Insert Plus or a Record Copy

Also, SQL queries are no longer displayed by default. I found this to be a bit annoying when using the utility for longer sessions since some of the queries were long and I was forced to scroll down after after update. So I set this option to disabled by default so it doesn’t display after a session reset. It can easily be re-enabled under the Options tab though if you prefer.

Download the latest release here!

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AMPLE Scaffolder 2.0.9 Released Wed, 24 Nov 2010 04:19:05 +0000 UPDATE: The software package formerly known as MBG Scaffolder has now been officially renamed to “AMPLE Scaffolder”.

This is just a quick update to let everyone know that a new version of AMPLE Scaffolder is available for download. There are no major feature updates in this release, but there were a few languishing bugs that I felt the need to address. Some of the changes included:

End Users:

  • Datetime fields no longer auto-populate with today’s date if set to allow nulls in the database
  • Datetime fields that do not allow nulls will still auto-populate with existing data or today’s date
  • Datetime fields that do not allow nulls will require a valid date prior to form submission
  • Calendar pop-up for datetime fields now has a “clear” button so that existing dates can be removed from a field
  • Empty datetime fields that allow nulls will automatically insert a null in that field when the form is submitted
  • Read-only table parameter is now set to blank in downloadable version.
  • Prior versions contained multiple table names that may have resulted in access denied errors if local table names were the same.

Developers Only:

  • Updated build file to include help documentation and procedural guidance.
  • Updated call status file so end users will be properly notified when a new release is available.
  • Moved the features list, blocked files list and general help docs from flat files into database for speedier retrieval during builds.
  • Compiled multiple classes into a single bundled class file to help reduce file count and locate individual classes more quickly.
  • Began work on minimized code base for release that just contains just the bare essential PHP classes with no HTML added.
  • Added a function to maxify existing minified releases if end users need to make changes (not yet released).

Well that’s about it for now. Check out the latest version here. As always, please let me know if you notice any new bugs or problems with the code.

Happy CRUDding!

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AMPLE Scaffolder: Now Offering Thumbnail Generation On-The-Fly Mon, 04 Jan 2010 15:37:51 +0000 UPDATE: The software package formerly known as MBG Scaffolder has now been officially renamed to “AMPLE Scaffolder”.

This is just a quick note for all the AMPLE Scaffolder users.  Version 2.0.6 has just been released with a variety of bug fixes and updates.  But the most prominent feature now available is the option of generating image thumbnails during file uploads.  I had planned to add this option in at some distant point in the future.  But the upgrade happened sooner than later because I required this feature for another project I’m working on at the moment.  So as users, you can just sit back and reap the rewards!

I still have to update the help documentation and the feature list but using the thumbnail generator is pretty simple.  There’s a new option available under the Files tab now with a list of image sizes from which to select.  Currently, you can choose up to 12 different options ranging from 75×75 pixels to 1600×1200 pixels.  I guess the larger images are technically not thumbnails but you get the idea.  If nothing is selected from this list, no thumbnails are created.  Removing an uploaded file from an existing record will automatically remove any related thumbnails too, making it super simple to use this feature.

If you still don’t know what AMPLE Scaffolder is all about, check out the introductory post for all the details.  If you just want the latest version available, you can download it here.  Again thanks for testing and all the constructive feedback.  Every bit helps me to improve the end product.


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AMPLE Scaffolder: Open Source Now Available For Download Tue, 29 Dec 2009 04:28:30 +0000 UPDATE: The software package formerly known as MBG Scaffolder has now been officially renamed to “AMPLE Scaffolder”.

If you haven’t already heard, I finally got around to tweaking the AMPLE Scaffolder code enough that I felt it was ready for beta release.  The AMPLE Scaffolder package has now been officially released under GNU’s general public license.  For those unfamiliar with the AMPLE Scaffolder project, please check out my previous post for download and demo links, as well as a complete list of features available.

For this particular project, I opted to make the code available under open source licenses because I’m a big believer in open source software and I really feel this project has something to offer.  Hopefully the latter becomes reality and someone else can finally benefit from my efforts, like I have from others all these years.  With the exception of Password Meter, the AMPLE Scaffolder package is the first major piece of code I’ve released under the GPL.  But I certainly don’t plan for it to be the last.  I have several other PHP classes, as well as a Javascript or two that I hope to make available under GPL as well.

In my opinion, open source projects are a huge benefit to developers because they get the code out there for others to use and review.  This process lends itself quite nicely to project expansion through other developers and community feedback.  Typically, the more popular a project is, the better the code and feature-set because there’s a genuine interest in maintaining and maturing the final product.  I realize that most people these days are looking to make money whenever possible, but I honestly wish more companies would look into releasing their code under OS licensing.  To me, it seems like a win-win situation.

To answer a lingering question, some of you may be wondering why I’ve built yet another MySQL PHP scaffolding tool.  I found a few other scaffolding utilities out there that did some of what I needed, but most of these other apps weren’t very intuitive and required a lot of modifications to the back-end database to make them work correctly.  AMPLE Scaffolder was designed with minimal requirements in mind. Putting aside some of the more advanced features, the AMPLE Scaffolder utility is fully configured and ready to go.  Drop it in a web-accessible directory and using the proper credentials, you can easily access any MySQL database server using a fully qualified domain name.  It’s just that easy.  The only real requirements come in the form of PHP and MySQL version support and some minor table comments to support advanced joining options.  The following is a rough gist of AMPLE Scaffolder’s abilities:

“AMPLE Scaffolder is a robust and intuitive PHP-MySQL database scaffolding utility with virtually zero database requirements. It offers auto-joining for referential look-up tables as well as enum, set, and boolean field types, and even supports referential look-ups on fields that contain comma-separated values. This package features insert plus one for similar records, bulk record inserts up to 10,000 records at a time as well as a built-in query-based data exporting utility, server- and client-side validation, error and warning reports, and unlimited file uploads. Building queries is a snap thanks to a custom query generator with individual field selection and unlimited where clauses, as well as SQL syntax highlighting, data-type matching, paging, sorting and much, much more.”

It’s pretty easy to talk up my own product though, so I’m looking for testers and feedback to make the AMPLE Scaffolder even better.  My testing has been pretty limited so far so I’m looking for more worldly feedback based on database parameters outside of my own controlled environment.  Quite a few updates were included in the last push so there’s still a possibility of some bugs.  But I did my best to eliminate any issues I came across.

Please feel free download the package and give it a try and let me know what you think.  If you don’t have access to a PHP-enabled web server, check out the demo site to get a feel for AMPLE Scaffolder’s abilities.  The only feature that’s missing on the demo is the file uploading.  I’ve blocked this for security reasons.  But file uploads are fully enabled in the download-able release.  Don’t forget to pass this on to anyone you know that may have need for a PHP-MySQL scaffolding utility.

Thanks in advance and have fun!

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