As one of the more recent break-out software development companies on the West coast, Step41 Software is known for creative solutions to confounding problems. As Lead Developer for Step41’s programming team, Jeff Todnem brings more than ten years development experience to the table. He is credited with a number of proprietary and open source projects utilizing MySQL and PHP as the primary tools for server-side storage and execution. He had this to say about AMPLE Scaffolder:

About seven years ago, we opted to migrate from a Windows environment to a more cost-effective Linux hosting environment. During the transition from traditional ASP and Coldfusion-based applications to the newly adopted PHP, our team initially relied on a combination of command line interface (CLI) and PHPMyAdmin to manipulate the structure of the databases and data within these apps. But it wasn’t long before we realized we needed something more robust. We needed an application that focused more on real-time development and testing requirements.

One of the biggest downsides to PHPMyAdmin at the time was that it lacked some of the more user-friendly or advanced features required by developers; features specific to easy data creation, retrieval, updates and deletion. These four basic functions are known as CRUD in the database world, and this type of functionality is highly sought after because it allows web and database developers to test their designs in the initial stages of development. Early-stage testing is essential to the development cycle as it helps developers discover bugs or other issues with their design, allowing them to fix the problems up front. It was from this requirement that the first iteration of AMPLE Scaffolder was born.